What matters is the music.

Concert hall with conductor

The best sound in the world for your home.

25 years of research and a revolution in audio technology make the vision of natural sound a reality.

The audio-systems from LOG offer an unprecedented experience, which allows music to express itself in all its diversity and naturalness.

Just listen.

LOG SoundEngine

LOG SoundEngine - Digital signal proccessor


The LOG SoundEngine is the heart of every LOG system. With its fully digital signal routing, it avoids any conversions that might influence the quality of the music signal. The built-in high-performance processor prepares the music digitally for the loudspeakers and guarantees an optimal result.

Made in Austria

Uhrturm - Wahrzeichen von Graz (Austria)

Innovation from the country of music.

Planning, development and production are done exclusively in Austria.

The high-quality materials used for assembling are selected from qualified partner companies from the EU.

The combination of state-of-the-art technology and careful manufacturing makes every LOG system a particularly exclusive quality product.


  • CUBE

    The high-end speaker
    with elegant design


    The personalized
    on-wall speaker


    Uniform room acoustics
    in studio-quality


    The best high-end stereo system
    on the planet