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The Philosophy

"For me, it is all about the sound. At LOG we are not fixated on any technology or philosophy – we simply put all our effort into finding the best way of reproducing music so it can express itself with all its emotions and in its full naturalness.

With the invention of the LOG AudioEngine, we found a way to transfer the music signal without any losses and digitally correct and neutralise all characteristics a speaker chassis may have due to its physical design. 

At the same time we use the full potential of each speaker chassis, resulting in an unbelievably balanced performance with a rich bass and extremely fine trebles.

The result is a speaker that you will not hear –

all you hear is music in its purest form."

Thomas Pfob, Founder & CEO

Redefining High-End Audio

It's time to change the way we enjoy high-end audio. In today's world, listening to music in high-end quality should not come at the cost of having a lot of bulky components in your living room – components that are sometimes also complicated to operate.

At LOG Audio, we want to deliver a high-end experience that fits modern lifestyles, one that does not require complicated and expensive components, features an outstanding design and – most important – offers the possible best sound.

To reach this goal we use state-of-the-art digital technologies that works silently in the background.

Our goal was never to sell the technology we develop, it has always been the sound we deliver.

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Ultimate Musical Performance

In the end, it is all about the music

In everything we do, the sound quality of our products has top priority. We don't just want to create linear speakers, we want to offer systems that preserve the liveliness and musicality of songs and instruments. As a result it is not just the sound of the music you hear, it is the soul of song that you feel.

This emotion is what we stand for as a company, enriching your life with an unparalleled musical experience that allows the music to express itself in its fullest and purest form.

Breakthrough Digital Technology

The future of audio technology

The LOG AudioEngine is the most advanced audio technology in the world.It is the heart of every LOG system and features lossless signal processing, ultra steep digital crossovers and a linear-phase, digital sound optimisation.


Progressive Modern Design

Breaking with the usual

We have always placed a special focus on eye-catching, elegant design, creatively combined with cutting-edge technology.

We bring visions to life by creating speakers that have a very distinctive design, but in a way that is feels familiar to everyone. Something that no one would expect from a high-end speaker, but is so appealing that it creates instant attraction.


We design products for modern lifestyle individuals who enjoy maximum musical performance but want to emphasise the design factor. The results are simple and timeless, yet elegant and luxurious loudspeakers that can be perfectly integrated into any modern living space.


Less Components,

Less Clutter

The best cable is no cable

Bulky, unaesthetic technical components and cables are a thing of the past. With active speakers from LOG Audio, all electronics, amps and converters are integrated into the speaker cabinet. This does not only result in a clean and appealing look, it also saves a lot of space and gives room for visually more attractive interior design elements.

Plug & Play Functionality

Stream your favourite music within seconds

Our products work without major adjustments or settings. Simply plug the speaker in, connect your mobile device to the speaker or PROLOG using Bluetooth or Wifi and instantly enjoy music via the integrated streaming services like Spotify or Tidal. Of course you can also easily connect your network media streamer, CD player or even your turntable using the new PROLOG phono.

Image by NeONBRAND


Innovation from the country of music

Planning, development and production are done exclusively in Austria. The high-quality materials used for assembling are selected from qualified partner companies from the EU.

The combination of state-of-the-art technology and careful manufacturing makes every LOG system a particularly exclusive quality product.

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Merging Two Worlds –

Analog & Digital

A totally new perspective

It's not just the romantic atmosphere that comes with vinyl LPs, it is also the great audio quality and density of music information they deliver. With the PROLOG phono – the digital phono stage from LOG Audio – you can now experience vinyl LPs like never before, making it the perfect blend between analog and digital high-end technologies.

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