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A world of liveliness and musicality.
Lets dreams become reality.


The ESPRIT loudspeaker is a true masterpiece in terms of sound, living up to its name with exceptional liveliness, musicality, and absolute tonal balance.


This high-end loudspeaker is designed to impress and is the perfect choice for those who demand nothing but the best. Despite its compact size of only 100 cm, the ESPRIT looks elegant and aesthetically proportionate, adding a touch of exclusivity to any room it's placed in.

The loudspeaker chassis are covered with a sleek and sophisticated matt powder-coated metal cover, which not only adds to its visual appeal but also helps to protect the speaker. Behind the metal cover, you'll find a 10" bass, 6" midrange, 5" dome midrange, and a 1" dome tweeter, which together make up a fully active 4-way system. This system, combined with the LOG AudioEngine and 4 Class A/B power amplifiers, ensures that the ESPRIT delivers a well-balanced tonal expression and impressive bass performance.

The ESPRIT's high-quality sound is truly unparalleled, making it the most convincing loudspeakers of its size. Whether you're listening to music or watching a movie, the ESPRIT's exceptional sound quality will transport you to a whole new world of audio pleasure. With its incredible sound performance and elegant design, the ESPRIT is truly a masterpiece that will elevate any listening experience.

Ultimate 4-Way High-End Speaker
4 x Class A/B amplifier, 420 W total power
30 - 25000 Hz frequency range
192 kHz, 24 bit
Linear-phase FIR filters (crossover unit)
Wireless signal transmission
ESPRIT nackt3.png
10" Bass

The 10" bass speaker ensures a rich and dry bass reproduction and provides a solid sonic foundation.

6" Midrange/Bass  Speaker

The 6 "midrange is perfectly integrated between the dome tweeter and the 3" midrange speaker and ensures a clear reproduction of the upper mids.

1" Dome Tweeter

The textile dome tweeter ensures crystal clear and transparent trebles up to a frequency range of around 10 kHz.

3" Dome Midrange Speaker 

Especially for the very crucial low mids, this dome midrange speaker convinces with powerful mids and a crystal clear reproduction of voices and instruments.


The new ESPRIT is not only a stunning piece of interior design but also a high-performing loudspeaker that delivers exceptional sound quality in smaller listening rooms. It is the perfect alternative to large speakers, as it combines outstanding sound performance with a more compact design.

Crafted by hand, the ESPRIT's minimalist yet elegant shape is a masterpiece of sleek design. Its symmetric, slightly curved shape and sleek lines give it a timeless and modern appeal. The handmade wood-based cabinet is available in either a striking black high-gloss piano lacquer finish or a matte black lacquer that gives it a sophisticated and refined look.

At the heart of the ESPRIT is a 4-way speaker setup that is covered by a magnetic, sound-permeable metal plate. The plate can easily be detached to reveal the speaker-chassis that are hidden behind it. The ESPRIT's 4 adjustable spikes ensure that it stands firmly on any surface, minimizing resonance and delivering a solid performance.

In terms of connectivity, the ESPRIT features a digital input and a digital output on the rear of the speaker. In combination with a PROLOG, This allows you to connect it to your favorite audio sources and enjoy high-quality sound without any loss of fidelity.


With its well-conceived design and impeccable sound quality, the ESPRIT is a true masterpiece that enriches any room with its elegant and luxurious appearance. Whether you're a music lover or a design enthusiast, the ESPRIT is sure to exceed your expectations.

PROLOG select

In combination with a PROLOG control unit, the ESPRIT offers full connectivity and additional features such as room correction and lossless signal transmission.

Digital & Analog XLR Inputs

The ESPRIT offers digital and analog inputs for maximum sound reproduction quality in every setup. For the best possible sound quality, the digital input is used with a PROLOG control unit. The digital audio signal is then transferred to the speakers losslessy, either via XLR-cable or WiSA wireless technology.

Bluetooth aptX

Bluetooth aptX is the easiest and fastest way to connect your smartphone and stream music in high quality.

AirPlay & DLNA

For full wireless connectivity, both AirPlay and DLNA are supported by the PROLOG. Music can also be easily streamed to your ESPRIT using the various integrated services, such as Spotify Connect, Tidal, Deezer or TuneIn Radio.

Wireless Signal Transmission

It is now also possible to losslessly stream music from the PROLOG control unit to LOG speakers using WiSA wireless signal transmission. This means that there is no need for a digital XLR-cable, making it even more comfortable to install and to use. With 24bits at 48kHz/96kHz, it's also twice the quality of CD audio at almost no latency.

Screenshot 2020-11-03 at 17.22.35.png
PROLOG phono
Digital Phono Stage

With the new digital phono stage from LOG Audio, you can now combine the best of two worlds – analog and digital. The extraordinary sound quality of vinyl LPs is transferred perfectly into the digital environment of the PROLOG, using digital RIAA equalisation and linear-phase FIR-filters.


With DIP-switches on the back of the speaker, you can easily mute the analog input, define the speaker as left or right (when using the digital input), adjust bass and treble frequencies and change the input level of the analog input.

DIP-switch settings
Linear-phase, digital room correction

With the high-performance DSP of the LOG AudioEngine, room correction is achieved without losses or phase-shifts. All adjustments can be done inside the PROLOG control unit without touching the speaker physically.

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