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LOG AudioEngine

The most advanced digital audio technology in the world.

Pure performance for high end sound.


The future of high end.

The LOG AudioEngine

The LOG AudioEngine represents a groundbreaking digital concept that goes beyond simply fixing sources of error that can cause unnatural sound – it completely eliminates them. By transmitting the signal in a consistent digital format, the system avoids losses in the signal chain and achieves unparalleled precision in equalizing the characteristics of the speaker chassis. This results in a natural and accurate sound that truly reproduces the original audio source. The LOG AudioEngine is a pioneering technology that sets a new standard in digital audio processing.

1 The future of audio technology

In today's world, many aspects of life have been fully digitalized. However, despite the digital production and mixing of film and music, most loudspeaker companies still rely on analog technology. This is where the LOG AudioEngine stands out, as it represents a revolutionary step into the future with its fully digital concept that eliminates the need for signal conversions. By using sophisticated digital technology, the AudioEngine achieves unparalleled precision and fidelity, delivering a sound that truly reproduces the original audio source. The LOG AudioEngine is a testament to the power of innovation and the boundless possibilities of digital technology in the world of high-end audio.

2 Lossless signal processing

The LOG AudioEngine utilizes a consistent digital signal processing that minimizes the need for conversion between digital and analog signals. This means that the music signal remains unaffected and is transmitted losslessly from the source (music player) to the loudspeaker drivers. Unlike analog systems, no signal losses occur, even when the distances between the source and the speakers are considerable. This ensures that the listener can experience a natura and precise sound reproduction, without any degradation in quality. The LOG AudioEngine represents a new paradigm in digital audio processing, setting a new standard for precision and fidelity in sound reproduction.

3 Extremely precise digital crossovers

Only loudspeaker drivers with optimal preconditions are used for LOG systems. However, even with such drivers, each one has its unique sound coloration due to its physical design. To counter this, the LOG AudioEngine, with its powerful processor, digitally corrects and neutralizes the coloration of each driver while precisely defining its frequency range. Unlike an analog system, where losses in the signal occur in each analog crossover, this digital correction is completely lossless.

4 100 % linear-phase playback

Typically, when a correction is applied to loudspeaker drivers, phase shifts occur between them, which can result in distortions and other negative effects in the frequency response. However, the LOG AudioEngine is capable of avoiding these shifts and correcting timing differences between drivers digitally, thanks to its high computing power. This means that the signal is phase-linear and reproduced without errors, marking a significant advancement in audio technology.

Screenshot 2020-09-22 at 20.51.39.png
Screenshot 2020-09-21 at 17.26.36.png
5 Class A/B-amplifier for every driver

All LOG systems feature digital equalization and individual high-performance Class-A/B power amplifiers for each driver. This combination delivers exceptional overall performance, ensuring that even at high volume levels, there is no distortion or sound coloration.

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It's so much more than just great sound.

Ultimate Musical Performance
Plug & Play
Full Connectivity
 Digital Technology
Less Components,
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Phono Stage
Progressive, Modern
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perfect Harmony

At LOG, music is the top priority, and the innovative digital technology used ensures that it is reproduced with the utmost fidelity. Each loudspeaker undergoes an elaborate tuning process that incorporates state-of-the-art technical measuring instruments and the most essential measuring instrument of all - the human ear. This process ensures that the music sounds as it should, with violins sounding like violins and orchestras sounding like orchestras. The result is a LOG system that delivers an authentic and immersive listening experience where the technology disappears, leaving only the pure and unadulterated beauty of the music.

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