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A completely new experience.

Now with digital phono stage.


The PROLOG is designed specifically for active LOG speakers and works as a digital control unit that enables a lossless signal transfer from the source to the speakers. Its main – and most important – function is to manage the incoming signals from the digital and analog inputs at the back of the PROLOG. You can connect TVs, smart devices, network streamers, Wifi-routers and analog third party devices. The PROLOG also features Bluetooth and Wifi (Airplay, DLNA/UPnP) and is therefore open to all types of signals, making it the interface between the source (music player) and LOG speakers.


The main functions of the PROLOG are:

  1. Input unit for digital and analog sources

  2. High-quality DAC for analog input signals

  3. Digital signal processing​​ (192 kHz, 24 bit) with master clock generator and asynchronous sample rate converter

  4. Lossless signal transfer to LOG speakers (digital XLR-cable)

  5. WiSA signal transmitting unit for LOG speakers with WiSA-function

  6. Linear-phase, digital room correction

  7. Bluetooth

  8. Wifi (AirPlay, DLNA/UPnP) incl. Spotify Connect, Tidal, Qobuz, TuneIn

  9. Volume control via remote control​​

DSP for Lossless Signal Management
Digital & Analog Inputs
High-Quality DAC for Analog Sources
192 kHz / 24 bit
Digital Room Correction (Linear-phase FIR filters)
Wifi (AirPlay, DLNA/UPnP), Bluetooth
On-board Streaming Services
WiSA transmission unit
PROLOG select

In combination with a PROLOG control unit, LOG speakers unfold their full potential. Not only is the sound experience maximised, it also offers full connectivity and additional features such as room correction and wireless signal transmission.

Digital & Analog Inputs

The PROLOG offers digital and analog inputs to connect audio devices and external sources. For the best possible sound quality, it is recommended to use the digital input via TOSLINK or LAN. Alternatively, analog sources can be connected cia the stereo RCA input, where the signal is then digitalised with a high-quality A/D-converter inside the PROLOG. With both inputs, the signal is then processed by the PROLOG  and sent losslessly to the LOG speaker via the digital XLR outputs at the back of the PROLOG or by using WiSA wireless technology.

Bluetooth aptX

Bluetooth aptX is the easiest and fastest way to connect your smartphone and stream music in high quality.

AirPlay & DLNA

For full wireless connectivity, both AirPlay and DLNA are supported by the PROLOG. Music can also be easily streamed to your VERVE using the various integrated services, such as Spotify Connect, Tidal, Deezer or TuneIn Radio.

Wireless Signal Transmission

It is now also possible to losslessly stream music from the PROLOG control unit to LOG speakers using WiSA wireless signal transmission. This means that there is no need for a digital XLR-cable, making it even more comfortable to install and to use. With 24bits at 48kHz/96kHz, it's also twice the quality of CD audio at almost no latency.

Audio Formats
Container Formats
  • MP3



  • Vorbis/Opus

  • WMA

  • AC3

  • APE/WavPack

  • MP4

  • MKV

  • OGG

  • WAV

  • AIFF

  • ASF

  • Spotify Connect

  • Qobuz

  • TuneIn

  • AirPlay©


  • Bluetooth apt-X

Analog Input
RCA (Cinch)
Digital Input
Digital Output
Router Input
Power Switch
AC 115-230 V
PROLOG phono

A completely new experience, combining the best of two worlds – analog and digital.

Digital Phono Stage

The new digital phono stage from LOG Audio combines the best of two worlds – analog and digital. The extraordinary sound quality of vinyl LPs is transferred perfectly into the digital environment of the PROLOG, using digital RIAA equalisation and linear-phase FIR-filters. The digitally equalised signal is then sent to the PROLOG using the digital output to ensure a lossless signal transmission. The richness of detail and depth is simply unrivaled and proves that the combination of analog and digital high-end technologies is finally achieved in a close-to-perfect way.


With DIP-switches on the back of the PROLOG, you can easily adjust the settings of the device.

PROLOG select

(no channel selection – all inputs open)

PROLOG phono
DIP-switch settings
Linear-phase, digital room correction

With the high-performance DSP of the LOG AudioEngine, room correction is achieved without losses or phase-shifts. All adjustments can be done inside the PROLOG control unit without touching the speaker physically.

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