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An exhilarating experience of music and emotion.
Improves everything. 


The harmonious blend of technology, design and breathtaking sound will make you avid. Never before has a speaker of this size produced a sound that can shake your walls and touch your heart at the same moment.

With 6 ways and a total of 900 watts of power, the VIVANT opens the door to a new world of audio reproduction, featuring the state-of-the-art technologies of the LOG AudioEngine.

The 10” bass, 6" bass-midrange-speaker, 3” midrange-speaker, 1” dome-tweeter, a horn-tweeter and a 12” subwoofer provide an unprecedented level of musical accuracy in both music systems and home cinemas.

Get ready for a true high-end experience that can only be felt - with the VIVANT, you'll feel every note, every beat, and every emotion.

Ultimate 6-Way High-End Speaker
5 x Class A/B amplifier, 900 W total power
25 - 25000 Hz frequency range
192 kHz, 24 bit
Linear-phase FIR filters (crossover unit)
Wireless signal transmission
10" Bass

The 10" bass speaker of the VIVANT speaker system delivers a deep and powerful bass, providing a solid and stable foundation for the rest of the sound spectrum. With its exceptional accuracy and precision, it faithfully reproduces the subtle nuances and tonal richness of bass-heavy music genres, making every note and beat feel immersive and dynamic.


The horn functions as an exceptional super-tweeter, delivering the most exquisite and precise high-frequency reproduction beyond the 10kHz range.

1" Dome Tweeter

The flawless and impeccable textile dome tweeter delivers stunningly clear and ethereal trebles with unparalleled precision and accuracy - up to a frequency range of around 10 kHz.

6" Midrange/Bass  Speaker

The 6" midrange driver in the VIVANT speaker is expertly positioned between the dome tweeter and 3" midrange speaker, allowing for precise and clear reproduction of upper midrange frequencies. This strategic integration ensures a balanced and accurate sound across the entire frequency range.

12" Subwoofer

Experience a powerful and immersive bass performance like never before with the VIVANT's high-quality 12" subwoofer. The subwoofer is meticulously designed to deliver a saturated playback of the lowest frequencies, providing a truly limitless listening experience.

3" Dome Midrange Speaker 

Especially for the very crucial low mids, this dome midrange speaker convinces with powerful mids and a crystal clear reproduction of voices and instruments.


The VIVANT is a true masterpiece of both design and engineering. Its stunning curved shape and exquisite piano lacquer finish make it a statement piece in any room, while its 6 speaker chassis ensure an unparalleled sound experience.

Crafted by hand, the VIVANT's black anodised metal front is attached with a magnetic fixing, giving it a sleek and sophisticated look. The high-gloss finish is perfectly complemented by the matte black front, resulting in a stunning piece of high-end technology.

For those who prefer a different aesthetic, the VIVANT is also available in white piano lacquer finish, with a matt-gold cover that is handcrafted in Austria. Adjustable spikes ensure a stable and resonance-free positioning of the speaker, further enhancing the sound quality.

On the back plate, you'll find the digital input and output, DIP-switches for different settings (such as bass-adjustment) and the power switch. With the VIVANT, you'll never compromise on either sound or style.

PROLOG select

In combination with a PROLOG control unit, the VIVANT offers full connectivity and additional features such as room correction and lossless signal transmission.

Digital & Analog XLR Inputs

The VIVANT offers digital and analog inputs for maximum sound reproduction quality in every setup. For the best possible sound quality, the digital input is used with a PROLOG control unit. The digital audio signal is then transferred to the speakers losslessy, either via XLR-cable or WiSA wireless technology.

Bluetooth aptX

Bluetooth aptX is the easiest and fastest way to connect your smartphone and stream music in high quality.

AirPlay & DLNA

For full wireless connectivity, both AirPlay and DLNA are supported by the PROLOG. Music can also be easily streamed to your VIVANT using the various integrated services, such as Spotify Connect, Tidal, Deezer or TuneIn Radio.

Wireless Signal Transmission

It is now also possible to losslessly stream music from the PROLOG control unit to LOG speakers using WiSA wireless signal transmission. This means that there is no need for a digital XLR-cable, making it even more comfortable to install and to use. With 24bits at 48kHz/96kHz, it's also twice the quality of CD audio at almost no latency.

Screenshot 2020-11-03 at 17.22.35.png
PROLOG phono
Digital Phono Stage

With the new digital phono stage from LOG Audio, you can now combine the best of two worlds – analog and digital. The extraordinary sound quality of vinyl LPs is transferred perfectly into the digital environment of the PROLOG, using digital RIAA equalisation and linear-phase FIR-filters.


With DIP-switches on the back of the VIVANT, you can define the speaker as left or right and adjust bass and treble frequencies.

DIP-switch settings
Linear-phase, digital room correction

With the powerful and advanced digital signal processing (DSP) technology of the LOG AudioEngine, the PROLOG achieves exceptional room correction that is free from any signal losses or unwanted phase shifts. This ensures that you enjoy an unparalleled audio experience that is free from any distortions or inaccuracies, no matter where you place the speaker in your room.

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