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Breaking traditions.

Making a statement.


The CUBE is the ultimate expression of high-end audio technology, designed to meet the discerning demands of audiophiles who value exceptional sound quality above all else. With its ultra-fine trebles, crystal-clear mids, and powerful, dry bass response, this 3-way speaker combination has earned its reputation as the premier solution for even the most critical ears. The 1" dome tweeter, 6.5" bass-midrange speaker, and 6.5" subwoofer are designed for ultra-low distortion, maximum dynamics, and an unprecedented level of supreme musicality that must be heard to be believed. The exceptional performance from a speaker of this size is nothing short of sensational, offering an immersive audio experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

The design goal was to create something drastically different, but in a way that is feels familiar to everybody. Something that no one would expect from a high-end speaker, but one that is so appealing that it creates instant attraction. The aim was to stand out in the high-end speaker market, but still appeal to modern lifestyle individuals who enjoy maximum musical performance but don't want the classic "speaker look". The result is a timeless, elegant, and luxurious piece of design that can seamlessly blend into any living space without taking up too much room. Its simplicity and minimalism create an instant attraction that is hard to resist, while its sleek and stylish appearance makes it the perfect addition to any decor.

Whether used as a stereo system for breathtaking music playback or as a component in a 5.1 or 7.1 home theater system, the CUBE delivers an exceptional audio experience that will impress even the most demanding audiophile. Its impressive sound quality is matched only by its exquisite design, making it the ideal choice for anyone who values both form and function in their audio equipment.

3-Way High-End Speaker
3 x Class A/B amplifier, 220 W total power
30 - 22000 Hz frequency range
192 kHz, 24 bit
Linear-phase FIR filters (crossover unit)
Wireless signal transmission
6.5" Bass/Midrange

Especially in the middle and vocal range, this bass midrange driver performs with outstanding  assertiveness and clarity. 

1" Dome Tweeter

The fabric dome tweeter brings crystal clear trebles and an unparalleled feeling of lightness in the higher frequency range.

6.5" Subwoofer

For rich bass in the very low frequencies, the bass/midrange speaker is supported by 6.5" subwoofer and impresses with a tremendous precision.


The CUBE is a compact yet powerful 3-way speaker system that offers an unparalleled high-end listening experience in any home. With an edge length of just 30 cm, this system packs a built-in subwoofer and a host of impressive features into a small, elegant package that blends seamlessly into any living space.


Available in all RAL colors, as well as a striking black piano lacquer finish, the CUBE's magnetic front cover comes in three options: silver (stainless steel), anodised black, or a luxurious handmade gold version. Additionally, the optional stainless steel stand adds an extra level of sophistication to your home décor.

At the back of the speaker, a black anodized metal plate houses digital inputs and outputs, a power switch, and a DIP switch for various adjustment settings. With the optional WiSA wireless audio signal transmission, the CUBE requires only a single cable for power, eliminating the need for audio cables and providing maximum flexibility and a sleek, uncluttered look.

In summary, the CUBE is an exceptional piece of engineering that marries form and function with effortless elegance. With its impressive sound quality and customizable design options, it is an ideal choice for discerning audiophiles who seek maximum performance without sacrificing style.

Image by Leslie del Moral






Digital & Analog XLR Inputs

The CUBE offers digital inputs and outputs for maximum sound reproduction quality in every setup. For the best possible sound quality, the digital input is used with a PROLOG control unit. The digital audio signal is then transferred to the speakers losslessly, either via XLR-cable or WiSA wireless technology.

PROLOG select

In combination with a PROLOG control unit, the CUBE offers full connectivity and additional features such as room correction and lossless signal transmission.

Digital & Analog Inputs

The PROLOG offers digital and analog inputs for maximum sound reproduction quality in every setup. For the best possible sound quality, the digital input is used, either via the optical TOSLINK input or via Wifi/LAN. The digital audio signal is then transferred to the speakers losslessy via digital XLR-cable or using WiSA wireless technology.

Bluetooth aptX

Bluetooth aptX is the easiest and fastest way to connect your smartphone and stream music in high quality.

AirPlay & DLNA

For full wireless connectivity, both AirPlay and DLNA are supported by the PROLOG. Music can also be easily streamed to your CUBE using the various integrated services, such as Spotify Connect, Tidal, Deezer or TuneIn Radio.

Wireless Signal Transmission

It is now also possible to losslessly stream music from the PROLOG control unit to LOG speakers using WiSA wireless signal transmission. This means that there is no need for a digital XLR-cable, making it even more comfortable to install and to use. With 24bits at 48kHz/96kHz, it's also twice the quality of CD audio at almost no latency.

Screenshot 2020-11-03 at 17.22.35.png
PROLOG phono
Digital Phono Stage

With the new digital phono stage from LOG Audio, you can now combine the best of two worlds – analog and digital. The extraordinary sound quality of vinyl LPs is transferred perfectly into the digital environment of the PROLOG, using digital RIAA equalisation and linear-phase FIR-filters.


With DIP-switches on the back of the speaker, you can easily mute the analog input, define the speaker as left or right (when using the digital input), adjust bass and treble frequencies and change the input level of the analog input.

DIP-switch settings
Linear-phase, digital room correction

With the high-performance DSP of the LOG AudioEngine, room correction is achieved without losses or phase-shifts. All adjustments can be done inside the PROLOG control unit without touching the speaker physically.

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