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LOG Philosophy

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Breathtaking sound quality

LOG Audio brings the naturalness of sound and the emotions of music into exclusive living rooms. Only the highest quality materials are used, which are perfectly matched with each other by state-of-the-art digital technologies. Simply combining the most expensive components does not fulfill our requirements - only through selective optimization of all components LOG Audio is able to achieve unparalleled results.


LOG SoundEngine

Lossless, digital signal processing – a worldwide revolution.

Any conversion of the music signal from digital to analog or vice versa causes losses that affect the quality of the music. Due to a fully digital signal routing, this will not happen in any LOG system. The built-in processor prepares the music digitally for the respective loudspeaker and guarantees an optimal sound result. Then each chassis is controlled by a separate power amplifier – lossless, of course.

Built-in Speaker

Visible and invisible integration

LOG Audio optimizes the sound in your living room without degrading it visually. In cooperation with our partners, we can integrate your LOG system invisibly into your home and offer the greatest possible comfort. With their simple and timeless design, LOG Design Speakers can also be integrated into your living room, or even be hidden behind a picture.

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The innovative, digital technology of LOG systems allows for an exceptionally high degree of flexibility. Regardless of whether it is large or small, narrow or wide, LOG Audio can adapt to very special situations without accepting any losses in sound quality.

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Made in Austria

LOG Audio loudspeaker systems are a completely Austrian product. The planning, development and production are carried out exclusively in Austria, while the high-quality materials used are purchased from qualified partner companies in the EU. This combination of state-of-the-art technology and careful assembling makes LOG Audio systems a particularly exclusive quality product.