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Subtle in design,

powerful in sound.


The MONOLOG is the entry level of LOG Audio's high-end experience. In other words: high-end for every space, not just dedicated music or TV rooms.

The mono concept brings the complete experience of music to any position in the room, while with stereo systems, the perfect sound can only be perceived at a certain spot – the so-called sweet spot. With its broad radiation characteristics and the full and crystal clear sound, massive bass and extraordinary musicality, the MONOLOG is the ideal mono system for your living space - with impressive sound for the entire room.

Although it is the smallest LOG Audio model, the MONOLOG inherits all the features of the powerful LOG AudioEngine, thus being a high-end powerhouse at minimum size. With digital inputs, Airplay, DLNA/UPnP, Bluetooth and all streaming services (Spotify Connect, Tidal, Deezer etc.) on board, it offers full connectivity and a super easy operation. All you need is a power outlet and a smartphone – and plenty of time to enjoy the extraordinary sound quality of your favourite music.

3-Way High-End Monosystem
3 x Class A/B amplifier, 220 W total
32 - 22000 Hz frequency range
192 kHz, 24 bit
Linear-phase FIR filters (crossover unit)
Plug & Play Functionality

The elegant, LOG-typical design characteristics can also be found in the MONOLOG – stylish curves, straight edges and high-quality materials such as stainless steel and matt- or piano-lacquered MDF breathe life into this extremely appealing piece of furniture.

The slim shape of the MONOLOG is ideal for TV set extensions on a sideboard or shelf, but can also be placed as a stand-alone unit on nearly every piece of furniture. Due to the broad radiation characteristics of the speaker, it can be placed anywhere in the room and still guarantee an immaculate musical performance.

The standard finish of the MONOLOG is matt black with a stainless steel front cover. On request, all RAL colours are available for the housing, and for an even more exclusive look, black or white piano lacquer can be ordered. The front cover is attached by a magnetic fixing and can be taken off easily, which is a great feature if the MONOLOG is integrated in furniture like TV cabinets or sideboards.

To keep it sleek and appealing, all electronics are integrated in the speaker, with no need for further devices or cables.


The MONOLOG system is astonishingly simple: plug-in and instantly listen to music or enjoy sound from your TV or third-party device. No more expensive  components, no more clutter. Just amazing sound from the very first minute.

Plug & Play

As a plug & play sound system,  the MONOLOG was designed for maximum simplicity. All you need to do is place the speaker on its dedicated position and connect it to your power outlet. The speaker  combines all electronics, amps and components into one single unit. Once the speaker is connected, it is immediately ready to play.

AirPlay & DLNA

For full wireless connectivity, both AirPlay and DLNA are integrated in the MONOLOG system. Music can also be easily streamed to your MONOLOG using the various integrated services, such as Spotify Connect, Tidal, Qobuz or TuneIn Radio.

Optical Inputs

With two optical inputs on the back of the speaker you can connect your TV or any other third party device. The signal is transferred losslessly from the output device to the MONOLOG via the digital signal chain. It is then processed, balanced, converted to a mono signal and sent to the respective speaker chassis (subwoofer, bass/midrange, tweeter).


Bluetooth is the easiest and fastest way to connect your smartphone and stream music in high quality.

Screenshot 2020-11-03 at 17.22.35.png
PROLOG phono
Digital Phono Stage

With the new digital phono stage from LOG Audio, you can now combine the best of two worlds – analog and digital. The extraordinary sound quality of vinyl LPs is transferred perfectly into the digital environment of the PROLOG phono, using digital RIAA equalisation and linear-phase FIR-filters. The signal is then sent to the MONOLOG using the optical input of the sound system.


With DIP-switches on the back of the speaker, you can easily adjust bass and treble frequencies.

DIP-switch settings
Linear-phase, digital room correction

With the high-performance DSP of the LOG AudioEngine, room correction is achieved without losses or phase-shifts. All adjustments can be done inside the MONOLOG without touching the speaker physically.

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